Over the years, I have worked with a plethora of cultural institutions, NGOs and private corporations. Here's a list of some of them.


Providing Training Through a 3rd Party


I regularly collaborate with agencies dealing with cross-cultural training. Through them, I am able to help a wide array of clients.

Agencies:   intercultures   |    Berlitz GLT   &   TMC   |  CARTUS  |  Dwellworks University - DFA Intercultural Global Solutions

Clients:   Vodafone   |  Novartis   |  Janssen  |   Johnson & Johnson  |  Heineken   |   PepsiCo   |   Procter & Gamble   |   BP    |  GE   |    bel   |    Syngenta



I continue building up my own clientelle in the profit sector.

Companies: SIEMENS |  Dorsch Consult Egypt

NGOs & Non-Profits


My training beginnings go back to NGOs and Not-for-profit organisations.  They  continue to be important clients.

NGOs & Non-profits:   Relief International   |   YWE   |   Youth Rights   |   Amera   |   AFS Intercultural Programs   |   Sekem   |   UNDP   |   One World: Foundation for Development & Civil Society Care   |   IDSC   |   Egypt Aid   |   EU - Egypt Cooperation   |   Asociace pro mezinárodní otázky (CZ)   |   Europeum - Institute for European Policy   |   Pasos - Policy Association for an Open Society   |   SietarGlobal   |   Člověk v tísni (CZ)   |   YoungSietar   |   InterCultur   |   EFIL   |   ASTPProton - Knowledge Transfer Europe   |   African Hope - Learning Centre   |   Hand Over  |   Ezbet Project   |    NOW    |     The Art of Seeing

Academic and Cultural Institutions


Collaborating with academic and cultural institutions and organizations is a particular favorite of mine. Here's a quick selection of clients I collaborated with in the past or collaborate on a regular basis.

Academic institutions:   Karlshochschule International  University |  Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (National University of Malaysia)   |   Univerzita Palackého v Olomouci   |  The American University in Cairo   |   Ain  Shams University - Cairo   |   Cairo Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences - CILAS  

Cultural institutions: Balassi Institute - Office of the Hungarian Cultural Counsellor, Cairo   |  Embassy of the United States in Cairo - Cultural section  | Goethe Institute in Cairo   

Individual Clients


Helping private individual clients with their relocation, cross-cultural competence building, cultural sensitivity issues with life in Cairo, Egypt and MENA region is particularly pleasing since the results of my work are visible instantly. Don't hesitate to contact me for a one-on-one session.