How I Work

Anyone who is passionate about their craft knows that caring deeply is the key to achieving results.I translate my care into practice by following these 7 rules:



Individual approach


Every client is unique – every training intervention I design / service I offer is fully customized. Each case I work on is individual: I analyse client's own experiences and needs and develop personal solutions.


Academic knowledge in practice


I strive to keep up to date with the latest advances in academia that relate to the cross-cultural field (Developmental and Organizational Psychology, Cognitive Science, Anthropology, Sociology and Business Studies) and translate them into practical examples and solutions.


Transformative learning


The training interventions I offer work with self- and other-awareness and discovery. The knowledge, skills and attitudes thus acquired are reflected both on the professional as well as personal level.


Stimulating learning environment


We learn best when we enjoy the learning process. I therefore seek to create an engaging, interactive and easy-going atmosphere by employing diverse learning approaches and tools while at the same time ensuring deep respect for the people partaking at the learning. 


Face to face or virtual delivery


Face to face delivery is still considered the more effective and comfortable way of training. However virtual training and facilitation is quickly gaining ground. I am happy to show up in person or deliver a virtual webinar or conduct a virtual classroom. The choice is yours.


Collaboration with colleagues


I welcome collaboration with fellow trainers and/or subject matter experts as I strongly believe in mutual learning and sharing of experiences. I also believe it is usually an added value for the client to have variety of expertise,  as well as personal and presentation styles. 


I love what I do!


As simple as that: I love what I do and I invest into my work on a personal level. When on the job, I bring my passion with me, using both my professional and personal resources to ensure the highest quality of service I can provide.