Cross-Cultural Awareness & Competence Building


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In our increasingly globalized world with its merging markets and growing international cooperation, embracing the ensuing diversity among the different players still poses a considerable challenge. Cross-Cultural Competence training aims at developing strategies for mastering cultural differences and thus succeeding internationally. Working with different others essentially translates into HOW we decode their behaviour and thus ensure successful collaboration.

The complexity of human nature evades clearly defined, black & white descriptions and do’s and don´ts. In my training interventions, I choose a behaviour centred approach that focuses on strategies of recognition of different styles of communication and habits of perception, behaviour and negotiation of conflict situations. 

The main topics covered by cross-cultural competence workshops:

  • Cross-cultural Awareness: the ability to recognize that people from other cultures perceive, think, and behave differently and readiness to act on it.
    • Awareness of self and the Other
    • Cultural Intelligence - Cross-cultural Sensitivity
    • Local cultural knowledge: values, norms & behaviors
  • Cross-cultural Conflict Management & Communication Styles:  impact of cultural differences in communication and strategies for managing the ensuing misunderstandings and conflicts.
    • Prevalent communication styles and their cross-cultural elements
    • Effective communication skills
    • The art of listening
    • Perception, stereotypes & prejudice
    • Constructive conflict management strategies
    • Cross-cultural elements of conflict and skills to address these
  • Intercultural Management: managing cultural differences properly is one of the key factors in getting things done effectively across borders.
    • Recognition of cultural conditioning in the workplace (working styles)
    • Cross-cultural skills of decoding of different behaviours and communication patterns
    • Multicultural / multinational teamwork