Project Support & Organization Development


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I have substantial experience with work in the following areas of project support:

  • Communication Intermediary:

    • The MENA societies operate on the principle of relationship building. Unless trust is established, the collaboration with an international partner may prove difficult to impossible.  The consequence for its businesses and institutions is that despite the common use of virtual communication tools, face to face presence of the international partner is often required; especially in the early stages of the project  or when problems in implementation occur. This can pose a serious obstacle for some organisations that do not have a representative on the ground in the region.

    • I have substantial experience of working as a go between, representing the absent organisation in the face to face meetings and thus ensuring that the project runs smoothly until such point when virtual communication becomes sufficient.

  • Reporting:

    • My experience in this stage of project support includes different types of reporting extended over a project´s lifecycle. Progress, status or final reports, I´ve done it all.

  • Monitoring & Evaluation: 

    • As an independent observer and evaluator, the credibility and objectivity of my monitoring and evaluation reports is a given.  My academic training in qualitative research methods is yet another plus.