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Good teams make for successful ventures. Unfortunately, they do not just happen.  
Good team is a matter of the right balance of expertise, work style and personal skills that often require a long time, several work projects  and inevitably some conflict situations along the road. Teambuilding training interventions can speed up this process.

With the use of experiential tools, my teambuilding interventions work on two levels: individual level of team members and the collective, team level. In order to understand how the team works, it is crucial to know who makes it up. I thus begin with raising awareness of the individual team members: of their working style, strengths and weaknesses (a.k.a. potential for improvement)  and then take it to the next level of team dynamics and roles.  Besides the awareness itself, we work with the willingness to discover, accept and work with what other team members have to offer. Further steps involve trust building, leadership (when to lead and when to follow), problem solving, creativity & flexibility, motivation and creation of commitment and ownership.