Participatory Events & Interactive Conferences


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A typical event or conference follows a classic top-down approach where participants have very little, if any, say. Someone decides on a series of plenary sessions and lectures or workshops/ seminars with set topics and the only responsibility of the participant is to show up (and if they happen, as they often do, to simultaneously follow up on social media or answer emails they should do so inconspicuously). The most exciting moments usually evolve around coffee breaks and longer meal periods: that is where the truly meaningful conversations and networking take place… 

I work with interactive participatory methods, such as Open Space and the World Café, that harness the energy and level of engagement of the informal coffee break moments and bring these on as the main agenda. The result is an event where participants´ creativity is unleashed, they feel respected and heard as they have a say and in consequence are ready to engage, commit and own the event.  Long-term collaborations based on conversations that stem from such events are often the rule.